The Breeze / Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band
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Thank you to all of our fans over all of the years that we performed in so many great places for so many great people.

We have decided to put this great band (THE BEST SKYNYRD TRIBUTE BAND TO SEE EVER!) in the past and persue different musical projects.

There are many imatations but never will there be such a great, well organized, tight, and true to the music group of dedicated musicians like the BREEZE!!!! 


We formed a dedicated group of musicians to give people a taste of real down home Skynyrd songs. We play almost every song from the vast list that was created years ago. We love to see the reaction of the fans when we start songs like "Call me the breeze" and "Sweet Home Alabama". Feel free to poke around our site for Breeze information.
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We have been playing for over ten years in the New England area with shows that brought in some of the most dedicated fans and coolest people.
True tributes have true numbers...

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We hope you find what you need to know here...if not....
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Play this!

This photo is a tribute to all Skynyrd members and friends that have been lost and greatly missed.
Cause I'm as free as bird now...and this bird will never the bird will never change!
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